Decatur Square Condominiums is located less than a mile north of downtown Decatur, next to Decatur's largest city park, 17-acre Glenlake park. Paths run through Glenlake park and historic Decatur public cemetery (est.1829, also Decatur's largest greenspace) for walking or bike access to Decatur's coffeeshops, restaurants, shopping spots, grocery store, MARTA station, or an easy connection to the bike path that runs west to Freedom park and east all the way to Stone Mountain park. 

Plumbing Project

Please be advised the board has approved an underground service project pertaining to the plumbing of the property. The first phase of the project will occur on the northside of the property and begin next week. We apologize ahead of time, as there will need to be interruption of water service at times, but we’ll provide 24 hour notice prior to this occurring. Please be cautious of any roped off areas. Thank you.

2014 Board Elected

Thank you to all of you whom were able to attend the Annual meeting last night and/or submit proxies.  We were able to achieve quorum and conduct an Annual Election.

The following residents will be on the Board of Directors for the upcoming year: Ellouise Bryan, Garry Bubbenheim, Mary Chavannes, Cynthia Coles, and Martha Owsiak. Thank you again for your participation.

Construction Work

Dear Homeowners,

A crew is currently onsite doing some construction work on the underground pipes between the 1227 and 1229 buildings. There will be possible water shut off as well. When this is necessary, an email blast will be sent out to all homeowners. We apologize for the inconvenience and will have the work completed as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

We are FHA approved

Our condominium association is now (finally) approved for FHA mortgage loans.  There was never any doubt we would achieve approval, but it took over two years because of the enormous backlog of applications in the wake of a change in the rules.  The FHA requred us to submit to a lengthy review of our finances and property, and we are in good shape!  So, congratulations!  

Decatur Square Annual Meeting 2012 Accomplishments


  • Sidewalks repaired and sealed

  • Concrete on stairs repaired and sealed

  • Soffits and gutter repair done on all buildings

  • 6 new chairs purchased for pool

  • Table and 4 chairs purchased for garden area

  • Grills purchased for pool and garden area

  • New sign purchased for 1227 building

  • Laundry rooms updated and new machinery coming next month

Tree by 1177 building

The tall pine tree by the 1177 building will be cut down tomorrow 8/10/12 at 9am.  Please do not use the parking spaces near the tree tomorrow.
Thank you,

Steps and Landings Renovation

Next week our contractor "P3 Painting and Renovations" will be going building-by-building to completely replace the stairwell steps and many landings as well.  Some are crumbling and unstable, and fixing them is a high priority for us.  

P3 will have to bar entry/exit for stretches of eight hours at a time in order to make these renovations.  The are placing flyers in building doors to let people know when they are working on their particular building.  It's a bit inconvenient, but it's the only way to do it, and the steps and landings have reached a point where we cannot delay it any longer.  

They will look a lot better and last for years after this renovation.  

P3's Steps Notice Door Flyer (PDF)

The pool is open! :)

 And new chairs are on the way.  We are probably adding a grill there, too, if it meets fire code.  

Thank you, Decatur Square Homeowners! :)

Thank you all for attending our annual HOA meeting!  We had a very productive, positive meeting, and everyone was excited about the possibilities for the coming year.  We reviewed our accomplishments in 2011 and our goals and budget for 2012, and we elected a new board.  Konny Light stepped down after many years on the board, and Dante McCommon joined the board. Thank you, Konny, for your service to our community.  (And welcome to the Board, Dante!)  

2011 accomplishments included 1) finishing sealing / repainting parking lot, 2) consolidating and enclosing dumpsters, 3) cleaning/painting upper pool area and setting up the garden spaces, 4) reviewing and changing management companies, and 5) reviewing our other service contracts (legal, landscaping, pool, insurance).  Our contract reviews and changes are projected to save us over $10,000 in operating expenses for 2012, while also yielding what I believe will be significant improvements in service.  

Plans for 2012 so far include 1) sidewalks and steps repair, which has been on our agenda for a while, 2) some new landscaping, and 3) improving park entrances (possibly with signage), plus many other minor projects like promoting the gardening space, possibly adding another bike rack, outdoor grills, and other things.  

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